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Your immigration case is important to you. Shouldn't it be handled in a timely manner?

Your immigration status is important to you and your family and should be addressed in a professional manner. Sadly, working with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) can be difficult at best and, in some cases, nearly impossible. When you need to prompt this bureaucratic agency to take action on your case, filing a writ of mandamus may be necessary.

A writ of mandamus is a civil action lawsuit designed to compel a government entity to take action on a case. It does not mean you will win your case, but that the agency must take the actions it is legally required to take. Such a lawsuit can be filed for non-immigrant or green card applications that are wrongfully handled or denied, as well as naturalization applications and adjustments of status that receive similar treatment.

Legal Steps Involved in a Writ of Mandamus

Filing a writ of mandamus is a detailed legal process that requires skill and understanding. Contact a North Carolina immigration lawyer immediately before attempting to take such action against the USCIS for your mistreatment. They can ensure that you have adequate grounds to file a writ and can assist you in drafting a strong petition for action. Once you file a writ of mandamus, the USCIS will be required to account for their poor treatment of your important issue, and they will be required to remedy the situation.

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Contact Robert Brown LLC if you need skilled legal counsel to file a writ of mandamus. Unless you hire a lawyer, your immigration case may continue to be neglected and you may have to undergo further hardship before gaining legal entry into the United States. Our firm has represented countless immigrants in similar situations and will stop at nothing to ensure that your rights are respected. Call today for a consultation to discuss how we could handle your case.

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