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Robert Brown LLC in the Community

While our focus as a law firm is to provide superior legal services to every one of our clients, Robert Brown LLC has made a point of being involved in the improvement and development of our community. Part of the wonder of the immigrant experience has been to bring the uniqueness of a specific culture and weave it into the fabric of the American experience, thus making our communities richer and more diverse. To assist in this aim, Robert Brown LLC has participated in numerous community events with sweat equity and sponsorship, so as to help improve the ability of our immigrant communities to succeed and flourish.

Specifically, Robert Brown LLC has sponsored a local soccer team that is comprised of individuals from all across the world. The team boasts over 50% participation from non-US born players, hailing from such countries as Brazil, Japan, Holland, Norway, Denmark and Vietnam. The team has aimed to further cross-cultural collaborations and understanding, all within the context of the world's most popular sport.

Robert Brown LLC is also excited to announce its partnership with CWS-Raleigh in support of The Race Home, a 5k run that benefits CWS-Raleigh's immigration and resettlement program. The Raleigh-Durham area has been a magnet for the settlement of large immigrant populations, including African and Asian communities, who have found the area's diversity and numerous opportunities as an attractive place for moving and raising their families. Robert Brown LLC is proud to partner with CWS-Raleigh for this event, as it promises to provide important services to immigrant communities that rely on volunteerism, sponsorship and participation to engage in the surrounding community.

Good community citizenship makes for great communities. Feel free to contact Robert Brown LLC today with any questions or comments.