North Carolina Immigration Attorneys

NC Immigration Attorney Helping to Bring Families Together

Being kept apart from family members and loved ones is never an enjoyable experience, particularly around the holiday season. Some people only need to take a short road trip to be able to visit family or get on a plane to go see the ones they love. It is not necessarily that easy for foreign nationals who have gained temporary or permanent residency in the United States, yet still have immediate family members and loved ones living back in their home country. Bringing these families together takes a coordinated effort and a comprehensive understanding of the entire U.S. immigration process. Obtaining counsel from a North Carolina immigration lawyer at Brown Immigration Law means that you will have access to all of the knowledge, expertise and legal services our firm can provide to help bring you and your family together.

For decades our firm has been an aggressive advocate of immigrants' applications and petitions and we are committed to doing everything possible to see that families like yours are not unnecessarily kept apart. Even with an immigration reform bill on the horizon, the time to apply for a family-based immigration visa is now. As it stands tens of thousands of family members are given family preference each and every year when it comes to obtaining a visa and being able to immigrate to the U.S. That may not be the case once an immigration reform bill is passed. Some members of Congress believe that family-based visas should be limited to help allow for more employment-based visas. They believe this would better serve the country's economic growth. Others contend that family-based immigration should not have to pay the ultimate price. If you need immigration assistance to help bring your family together, do not hesitate to call our firm and schedule to meet with one of our skilled attorneys. We are here for you!