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Parole in Place - A Hidden Solution for Undocumented Individuals?

USCIS recently announced a memorandum that spouses of members of the military in being able to seek in obtaining permanent residency status, even if they have not entered the United States with visas. The memo, which discusses "parole-in-place", indicates that spouses of members of the military may be able to apply for permanent residency without leaving the United States, as a benefit extended to those individuals that sacrifice for the nation's well-being. This process would essentially provide parole status to a military spouse, even if he/she entered the country unlawfully and would allow him/her to immediately apply for permanent residency and without leaving the United States. While appying for permanent residency includes a number of different criteria to ensure eligibility, this determination from USCIS removes a significant hurdle for many military spouses that cannot prove that they entered the country lawfully.

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