North Carolina Immigration Attorneys

Immigrants in North Carolina and Deportation

It is extremely frightening to have your family and your life threatened by coming under scrutiny of the Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement division (known as "ICE"). Hardworking families that have lived for many years in the USA sometimes do not have legal status and are under the constant threat of deportation. Once the removal process has begun, taking fast, effective action is critical; without immediate attention, you or your your family member could risk being removed from the United States before the process can be stopped.

There are a range of legal actions that could be taken to help those who are threatened with deportation or removal. Ultimately, the goal would be to gain legal status. If you or a family member is in legal trouble with the immigration authorities, it is vital that you get legal help that has experience, can act quickly, and will file the correct paperwork to halt the deportation while other legal options are explored.

You will be required to appear at specific hearings and will have the option of having an attorney represent you. In this circumstance, obtaining a qualified NC-based immigration lawyer tohandle every aspect of your case, including representing you in this process, is key. At Brown Immigration Law, we fight for the rights of immigrants in all legal matters, including deportation defense. The critical issue is that you must act quickly if you have been contacted by the authorities. Do not ignore any notice to appear at a hearing, or take any action that could later harm you, such as hiding from the authorities. Doing so typically will do little to help win your case and will often complicate an attorney's abilty to achieve a successful outcome for you.

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