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Immigration Options for Couples

Getting married soon? Recently became engaged? Planning on having a lavish wedding abroad? Spring and summer are known as wedding seasons and with these joyous occasions comes a lot of immigration planning and paperwork. However, the process can be confusing and challenging to those that are not familiar with the process. To bring your husband, wife or fiancee to the United States, you must decide on what immigration process to pursue, as the current rules permit for a number of routes for bringing that special someone to the United States. The attached Options Sheet provides you with a list of different options that you can pursue for your beau to bring him/her to the United States.

As with almost all immigration processes, having a skilled attorney to assist you through the process is likely a smart option when deciding on a route to take. Feel free to contact Brown Immigration Law at 888.861.4414 to schedule an appointment with an immigration attorney, who can help explain the process, counsel you on the route that fits your needs and outline the timetables and costs associated with the filing. As our only field of practice is US immigration law, Brown Immigration Law takes pride in providing exceptional legal services to our clients and playing a small role in making sure things end up happily ever after.