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Immigration Reform Equated to Civil Rights Struggle

As immigration advocates have presented many different reasons for the need for better immigration reform, one that has become increasingly prominent is that of civil rights. The 11 million undocumented immigrants, who live in the US currently, have no legal protection. Many see immigration reform as a matter of basic civil rights for these individuals. Recently, some prominent African-American community leaders have begun speaking out for the immigrant community, seeing it as a part of their own struggle.

Leaders such as Reverend Al Sharpton have taken a stand for communities across the nation that he thinks are enduring discrimination similar to that of African-Americans in past decades. At a rally in 2012, Sharpton declared that he would stand with the immigrant community to see the repeal of current immigration laws. Along with Representative Steven Horsford of Nevada, he has said that they would help those who are confronting the injustice of the immigration system. In addition, the NAACP has protested Arizona's immigration laws, because they supposedly encourage racial profiling by the police. One activist noted that the current laws don't punish people for what they are doing, but who they are, so therefore it is an infringement of civil rights.

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