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The Immigration System is Broken

Current immigration law is extremely complex, difficult to navigate, and punishes good people who are hardworking, obey the law, and are an integral part of our communities. Many immigrants that do not have legal status live in fear, understanding that if they are picked up by ICE, deportation is a real threat. These are people that may have lived and worked in the USA for decades, or even own businesses that employ many others.

An example is a man who came across the US/Mexico border about 40 years ago, in the trunk of a car. As a young man, he escaped legal trouble, and began building a business. He was a skilled auto mechanic, and first he hired one, then two, and now 15 employees, bought a building and has a booming business that pays wages, health insurance and taxes. This is just one of countless stories about immigrants who have come to the USA, worked hard, built businesses, employed many people, and contributed to society. And yet, this man, if identified, would be subject to deportation.

Common sense does not seem to influence immigration law. Obviously, a person who employs many others, pays taxes, health insurance and lives a law-abiding life would not be at the top of the list of who should be forced to leave the country, although there are some that would disagree.

A Shortage of Agricultural Workers Put Farmers in Jeopardy

The USA has a labor shortage in the agriculture industry. Farmers must have fast access to seasonal workers, and the mountains of paperwork that are required under the current system are unreasonable. Some farmers could lose their farms if they cannot get enough workers to harvest crops so they can be sold.

Historically it has been proven that an immigration system that is functioning correctly helps the economy to grow. Our goal at Robert Brown Immigration Law is to serve the immigrant communities in Ohio, Florida and South Carolina in all legal matters, including citizenship, visas, deportation defense, asylum and others.