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Nine Mexican Nationals, the "Dream 9", Granted Hearing for Asylum

Five women and four men make up this Dream 9, deriving their name from the Dream Act. These Mexican nationals had been illegally brought into the country when they were young. They have spent most of their lives in the U.S. Some of them returned to, and others were deported to Mexico. They tried to reenter the U.S. at Nogales, in protest of the deportation of hundreds of thousands of people in recent years. They were arrested July 22, and they were held at Eloy Detention Center until Wednesday, the 7th of August. They filed for asylum. They said that because they have lived for so long in the U.S., they and their families are targeted in their native country. Immigration asylum officers found that these activists have a "credible fear" of persecution if they are returned to Mexico. These nine immigrants will get a hearing, where it will be decided whether or not their asylum applications will be accepted.

This would be a rare occurrence, as about 98% of the asylum claims that come from Mexican nationals are denied. This is despite the spike in such cases in recent years. The results of the Dream 9's applications are definitely something to watch for, though the process will likely take years to finish.

The legislation after which these nine are named, the Dream Act, would pave the way to citizenship for some immigrants who have been unlawfully brought into the country as children. This is only if it passes, and it is not yet a law. Currently, those who would qualify for the Dream Act would probably qualify for deferred action. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals means deferring removal (or deportation) for 2 years. This deferred action can be renewed. If someone qualifies for this, he or she can get a work permit. This is just one of the recent changes in immigration. It is yet to be seen what other changes there might be, as the Dream Act and the fate of the Dream 9 are still up in the air.

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