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Representing Military before USCIS

Representing US military service members is one of the most rewarding parts of the immigration practice. Because members of our armed forces sacrifice extensively for the country, USCIS provides unique services to military members and their families in navigating each specific immigration process. Generally speaking, USCIS can expedite most applications filed by members of the military, provided that the applicant can show that the expedited processing of such an application is in the interest of the US military. This is most common in circumstances of naturalization and permanent residency filings for spouses, as deployments and transfers are common. As such, having an application or petitions adjudicated quickly is important to avoid separating spouses or leaving an application in limbo.

Brown Immigration Law has had the privilege of representing dozens of members of the US armed forces in getting their applications filed quickly and approved with USCIS. Special steps can be taken to provide USCIS with notification that a particular application should receive unique attention due to an applicant's involvement with the military, so seeking legal advice is likely worthwhile.

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