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Immigration Reform in 2014?

The immigration reform bill remains stalled in the House after passing the Senate, and countless immigrants are hoping and praying that the bill will pass, allowing for a much more streamlined system, and the ability to gain legal status. It appears that both parties are now ready to focus on immigration reform early in 2014, but there are many opponents that could stall the process, and lead to another deadlock, as we have seen in the budget crisis.

People's lives and livelihood are at stake, awaiting the passage of the bill. U.S. immigration law is exceptionally complex, and it can be difficult to gain a visa, whether family-based or employment-based. The House has not voted on the bill, and various areas of contention, including concerns about securing the Mexico/US border as the primary concern. Corporations are pushing for higher limits on tech workers from foreign countries. Currently the discussion surrounds breaking the immigration bill into 5 separate bills and passing them each individually.

While Washington continues to battle, many people face great challenges in dealing with the current system, wondering if there is hope for the future, and trying to navigate the system to retain legal status, change status or seek status, whether for work or to live with family. No matter what finally occurs, it could not be more important to have legal assistance to navigate the system and resolve any immigration legal matter.

At Brown Immigration Law, our founder has a background serving as District Director for the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and has great insight into the system. His firm offers legal services throughout the State of North Carolina, for visas, family-based or employment-based, deportation defense, citizenship and change of status, and all other immigration legal matters. Connect with Brown Immigration Law for more information.