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Tech Giants Support Immigration Reform Bill

There are strict limits to how many skilled workers can enter the USA to work in various technology fields. The technology industry is exploding and there is an urgent need for many more skilled IT workers. Some corporations are calling for changes in immigration policy with regard to the numbers of workers with software development skills to gain work visas. The current number of tech worker visas is at 65,000. These H-1B visa application quota was reached in only 5 days.

Some of the larger technology-based firms, including Facebook, Inc., have claimed that this low quota for H-IB visas is slowing the company's ability to grow, and hence slowing the economy, while smaller tech firms are facing the disadvantage of complex paperwork requirements that make it a struggle, if not impossible, to get the skilled software development talent they need.

The recent immigration reform bill that remains stalled in the House after passing the senate, increase the numbers of technology related worker visas to 115,000, with the ability to increase to 180,000 if necessary. Unfortunately, the bill has not yet passed, and many corporations are hopeful that it will become law early in 2014, allowing for a greater ability to expand and meet growing need for programmers and other IT experts.

Many technology workers come from India, and corporations rely on Indian tech experts to assist in meeting deadlines, and remaining competitive in the rapidly expanding technology field. If your company is seeking tech experts, it is imperative that the application process is completed with the assistance of a highly skilled North Carolina immigration attorney. At Brown Immigration Law, our founder formerly served as a District Director for the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and has an exceptional level of skill in all employment-based immigration matters. Connect with the firm for assistance in any employment based visa, including IT experts.

Until the immigration reform bill passes, the quotas are so low that getting the application submitted early and with complete accuracy could not be more important, and after the law passes, assuming it will, there will be new processes and requirements that must be met. Get legal help from Brown Immigration Law, and allow our firm to assist you to get the tech experts you need from overseas to help your company grow.