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What Should I Do to Keep My Green Card?

Social Description: When an individual gets a green card, it does not mean they are protected from deportation or losing that permanent residency status. You will need to make sure you follow certain rules to avoid losing your green card.

Many people spend a significant amount of time and money working to get their green card. Permanent residency in the U.S. can be very challenging to obtain. For this reason, it is even more important to make sure that this investment is protected. Whether you are in the states for family, business, or other reasons, you need to make sure you follow certain guidelines to avoid losing your green card.

Just because you have a green card does not mean that you enjoy the same privileges as a U.S. citizen does. If you want to avoid the possibility of losing your residency in the U.S., you will need to become a US citizen. By keeping a few tips in mind, you can set yourself on the right track to avoid complications with your green card.

Protecting Your Green Card Status

You should know that the US Immigration law has strict requirements regarding the behavior and actions of green card holders. If an individual has violated these rules in any way resident status may be revoked.

The following could cause you to lose your green card:

  • Certain criminal activity
  • Engaging in fraud or other violations of the law
  • Leaving the U.S. for more than a year

If you are concerned about the amount of time you may need to spend in other countries due to work or other reasons, you do have some options. If you live in the U.S., but also have work obligations in a country like Mexico or Canada, you may be able to get a commuter exception, even when living outside of the country on a seasonal basis. You can also get a reentry permit or returning resident visa. A re-entry permit may allow you to stay away for up to two years.

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