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What is a notice to appear?

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The removal process begins with a notice to appear. It is issued and initiated by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office (ICE) and it is an order for the alien to appear at a hearing that could potentially lead to removal from the United States. The notice to appear does not keep the alien in the dark but instead informs this individual as to the nature of the proceedings. It also explains the allegations and violation charges, the right to be represented by an attorney, and what may occur if the individual fails to appear at the proceeding. This is not a situation to take lightly; it requires the help of Robert Brown, the founder of our firm. He employs an extensive background in this field of law that benefits our team of attorneys and, ultimately, your case.

A notice to appear informs an alien that they have been put in removal proceedings. It is the moment that should encourage the individual to act and obtain strong help from our team of lawyers. If you have been detained by the immigration system and a bond hearing will be held to determine whether your release should be allowed, then it is important to obtain substantial information concerning your present situation. If you have been issued a notice to appear in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina, then you need to enlist the assistance of an aggressive North Carolina deportation defense lawyer from Brown Immigration Law.

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There are different reasons that an immigrant can receive a notice to appear. Individuals who remain in the country without status or who have remained longer than their visas allow, can receive a notice. It is a threat to everything that you have worked hard to attain in the United States, and therefore, it is important to learn and understand your rights and options. Robert Brown and the other attorneys at our firm have the experience and knowledge to help you handle your case.

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