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Immigration Reform Bill has Support by Likely Voters

Three recent polls in Republican districts indicate that the majority of voters agree with the concept of immigration reform that would allow for undocumented immigrants to have access to a pathway to citizenship. More than 70% of the likely voters interviewed in the poll felt that the immigration reform bill presented to the Senate during the summer was on the right track. The poll also showed that the likely voters believed that the program must include that any person who takes advantage of the program must have the ability to speak English, must pass a background check, and pay fines, and that the applicant would have to wait 13 years to gain US citizenship.

Millions of undocumented immigrants are waiting for action to be taken by federal lawmakers, but the immigration bill that appeared hopeful when presented in the Senate then stalled in the house. Currently, there continues to be a great risk when living and working in the USA without legal status, and in the past years hundreds of thousands of people have been deported.

If the immigration authorities identify a person who is living and working in the country without legal status, action is taken to have the person removed from the country. The process can move ahead very swiftly, and families can be torn apart within weeks. Any person taken into custody by ICE still has rights. Legal action can be taken to halt the deportation, but must be initiated immediately, or it could be too late. At Robert Brown Immigration Law, a firm serving immigrants in Ohio, North Carolina and Florida, an attorney can move into action immediately for those who are facing deportation or removal. The firm also guides undocumented immigrants through the process of gaining deferred action status so that they can live and work in the USA without fear of deportation.