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Keeping Families Together During Immigration

There are millions of immigrants without legal status in the USA, many of whom have lived in the country for decades. Children are born and grow, and lives are built. Nonetheless, without legal status, the threat of deportation is very real. There are cases in which a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother or other close relative comes under scrutiny by the immigration authorities, is taken into custody and subsequently deported. This is a devastating situation, and a loved one could disappear, picked up by ICE, and the family may not know where their loved one has been taken, or what to do.

In these cases, it is extremely important that an immigration lawyer gets involved at once. A lawyer that is familiar with the legal issues surrounding deportation or removal can help you to find the location in where you family member is being held, file a legal action to halt the deportation process, and get your loved one released to return home to the family.

In some cases, the issues surround an arrest for a minor or major offense. The individual may not be guilty of the offense, but once it is determined that the individual does not have legal status in the USA, deportation proceedings can begin. In some cases, the person is simply put on a bus or a plane and returned to the country of origin, where there could be danger if the individual is a refugee from political or religious strife.

Whether your family member is in the country to escape oppression, to seek a better life, or to share family life with loved ones, there are opportunities to take action and halt the deportation process, even if the case involves a criminal charged, based upon the facts. Contact Robert Brown Immigration Law for information and assistance in keeping your family together. We focus on helping families remain intact, and to live and work without fear in the USA. The firm serves Ohio, North Carolina and Florida.