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Attorney Maya Lugasy Explains Why U.S. Immigration Policies Are Keeping Attorneys Busy

Attorney Maya Lugasy of Brown Immigration Law was recently featured in an article from Cleveland Jewish News. The article, “Immigration Policies Keeping Attorneys Busy” covers the various ways that the Biden administration has changed immigration policy in the United States and overturned many of the previous administration’s policies.

According to Attorney Lugasy, many of policies enacted by the Trump administration contributed to the increasing the backlog of cases because they were designed to remove the judges’ authority to manage their case dockets. Currently, there are roughly 1.5 million cases backlogged in immigration courts.

To address this issue, Attorney Lugasy says the Attorney General has been reinstating policies that were in place under President Obama that “allowed judges to close cases on their dockets that aren’t a priority and are just taking up space.” Lugasy notes that this gives immigrants who “aren’t dangerous people…the opportunity to get their case off the docket” so judges can focus on more pressing cases.

Attorney Lugasy also discussed the “invisible walls” that were enacted by the Trump administration to deny immigration petitions. She specifically called attention to the “no blank spaces policies” that were enacted by the Trump administration to reject immigration filings if “any part of the form was blank, even if that part of the form did not apply to the specific person filling it out.” Lugasy said this forced her and other immigration lawyers to write in “N/A” in every single blank space on immigration forms.

In the article, Attorney Lugasy said, “It didn’t seem to really be based on any logical reasoning. It was just another way for them to reject the application and delay the process even further.”

Although Attorney Lugasy is optimistic about the immigration reform bill the Biden administration introduced, she isn’t fully confident the bill will end up passing. She also recognizes that there needs to be concrete congressional action if the changes are to remain permanent when the next administration takes over. “If Congress can actually get something passed, that’s my biggest hope,” said Lugasy.

To read the full article from Cleveland Jewish News, please click here.

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