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Immigration Detention and Bonds

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If you have been detained by Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE), then it is important to come to a clear understanding of the laws concerning detention. If you are a non-citizen and violate immigration laws while residing in the United States, then you are subject to receiving detention. Out-of-status or undocumented immigrants can receive immigrant detention even if an application for adjustment of status is pending. Those who have entered the country without inspection or have overstayed their visas, even if they have no criminal convictions, are also at risk of being detained.

One of our attorneys from Brown Immigration Law will help you apply for a bond after you have been taken into custody. If you have been detained, then you can immediately request a bond hearing without waiting for a notice to appear. An immigrant cannot request a bond if they have a mandatory detention subjection. Those individuals, however, can have Attorneys Rishi Oza, Erin Brown, or Aleksandar Cuic from our firm help them challenge the allegation.

Bond Proceedings

Those who are allowed to apply for a bond will benefit from the assistance of a North Carolina immigration attorney from our team.

The immigration judge will typically look at certain factors when determining the bond amount, including:

  • Property ownership
  • Ability to pay bond
  • Ties to the U.S.
  • Eligibility for relief
  • Any criminal history
  • Employment history
  • Memberships in U.S.

These and other factors can be used to determine the amount necessary for a bond. This determination can occur during a bond hearing, which is separate from a removal proceeding. If an individual is released on bond, then he or she must still show up for all immigration hearings. The immigration case will continue even if the bond proceeding determines that the decision will be appealed. Obtaining an immigration bond is a difficult process to execute on one's own. It is critical to have effective legal representation throughout the process.

This is a situation that should be handled with delicacy by an immigration attorney from Brown Immigration Law, such as Erin Brown, Aleksandar Cuic, Rishi Oza, or Robert Brown. Contact our firm today!

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