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North Carolina Farmers Face New Immigration Restrictions

One of the primary concerns within the farming community is the immigration legislation concerning undocumented workers and guest workers, who are currently keeping many of the state's and nation's farms alive. In fact, one of North Carolina's leading farm advocacy organizations recently stated that if further immigration restrictions go into place it could very easily lead to more farms shutting down. A North Carolina Farm Bureau study revealed that at least 60% of more than 600 NC farmers surveyed admitted they have difficulties hiring qualified domestic employees, so they regularly turn to undocumented labor in order to meet their production demands. In addition, close of 1/3 of the farmers surveyed reported a loss of income over the past 5 years, which they attribute to an inadequate workforce. As a result, many farmers believe unless dramatic changes are made within the next few years, they will have no choice but to reduce farm acreage or simply shut their farms down altogether.

As it stands now, any employer looking to hire immigrant workers must adhere to numerous rules and regulations before the Department of Labor will provide you with a permanent labor certification that will allow you to hire immigrants. Even then, employers must take care to comply with all I-9 regulations and see to it that their workers have authorization to live and work in the U.S. before they can be hired.

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